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Aerial pic from Photos by Kat

Terzaghi Dam
(Mission Dam)


This is a view of the coffer tunnel at Terzaghi Dam, through which the Bridge River was diverted while the dam was under construction; the concrete structure in the upper part of the picture is the rarely-used spillway, which lets out excess water during the spring freshet. For a sense of scale, the tunnel is about 5 metres (17 ft.) in diameter. Note the shatter-pattern in the rocks above the tunnel and adjacent to the spillway, indicative of the blasting that was used to secure the foundations of the dam in its canyon setting. The mountain wall this tunnel is at the foot of is a few thousand feet high, as is that immediately behind the lens.  The following two pictures were (I think) taken by Art Roozeboom, a professional photographer from North Vancouver hired by the company to document construction.  They show construction crews at work on the dam before its completion
Terzaghi Dam under construction (Roozeboom Photo?).