Bendor Range, Brexton BC

Selected Musical Improvisations
by Mike Cleven

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Original photos by Mike Cleven

Keyboard improvisations '02-'03

Strings Piano

Guitar  (Late '05-early '06)

Marble Canyon, Pavilion BC

Music for Organ
(played on a Kurzweil-PC2X keyboard contoller)

Gloriosa (organ, strings, brass, piano epilogue)
12:02   4.82mb

Organ Praeludium & Ballade (Tribute to Vincent Price)
11:11  4.5 mb 

Toccata alla Tanza for Organ
10:13  4.09mb

"Freedom No. 5" for Organ
5:36 2.24mb

Fraser Canyon, Fountain BC

Music for Brass
(played on a Kurzweil-PC2X keyboard contoller)

Floriana (Folk Suite for Horns in G)
12:32  5.02mb
Entrada, Sea Waltz & Epilogue
6:16  2.51mb
Horn Ballades No. 1
10:25  4.2 mb 
Horn Ballades No. 7
8:23  3.4 mb
Fantasia for Horns No. 5 (Skookum Latleh)
13:26  5.38mb
Fanfare & Hoedown
3:59 1.6 mb 
Fantasia for Horns No. 6
(Lillooet Overture w. A Song for Gassy Jack)
14:47  5.9 mb 
w. Gassy Jack's Song coda

Seton Lake, Shalalth BC

Music for Piano
(played on a Kurzweil-PC2X keyboard contoller)

J's Theme for Piano (Song without Words)
17:18  6.93mb
Piano Studies in G Sharp Minor
9:27  3.78mb
Piano Ballade No. 12
3:31  1.61mb
Ballade No. 12 Reprise-Epilogue
7:82  1:40mb

Elegy-Nocturne for Piano
8:21  3.34mb
Romanze-Nocturne No. 25
6:55  2.77mb

Lower Bridge River, Moha BC

Music for Strings
(played on a Kurzweil-PC2X keyboard contoller)

Andante and Allegretto for Strings
5:37  2.3 mb
Overture (Hunter's Waltz)
12:45  5.1 mb
November 19th Waltzes
6:38  2.7 mb
Tango-Burlesque with Variations
4:19  1.7 mb
Divertimenti in A minor
8:06  3.2 mb

Jones Ranch and Fountain Ridge, Lillooet BC

Music for Guitar
(played on a really dirt-cheap Strat copy that goes out of tune as I play.....)

Any titles given are off-the-cuff; these are all improvised riff-exploration sessions - "jams" and might be "songs in progress", although they've mutated quite a bit since these tracks were cut..

These are all from the late fall of 2005; more recent materials can be found at

Ballad No. 1 (unnamed, no lyrics yet)
8:24  3.36 mb
Walking Jump (slow square dance)
7:44  3.10mb
Night Drive
7:33  3.02mb
Ballad No. 2 (unnamed, no lyrics yet)
8:01  3.61mb
Into the Far Yonder v.1
8:01  3.21mb
Into The Far Yonder v. 2
6:31  2.61mb
Unnamed ballad no.3
9:01  3.61mb

The following is more an minimalist exercises than meant as a song or ballad.  Y'never know, though...

Last Train North
8:16  3.31mb

I am no virtuoso, and that's a fact.  As I just heard in reference ot something else, though, "if you don't have the best of everything, make the best of what you have".I have fun making music, and there's some people who like my music.  So be it, and here's some of it for your enjoyment, if you happen to like it.  It's pretty simple and there's mistakes here and there, and the audio quality - especially on the guitar tracks- leaves something to be desired, but I made do with what I have in order to record.  Which, in the case of the guitar tracks, save a handful, is a cheap computer mic a few feet from a small 10 Watt electric guitar amp, and no engineer, or much attention to the psued-LED meters on my soundcard-rip recording program (Total Recorder from

All the orchestral, organ and piano music was played on a Kurzweil PC-2X except for certain tracks (as may or may not be noted).  I sold it last spring for rent and got a cheap fender copy in deal, and that's what's being played on the guitar tracks, with audio as just described.

 All tracks are improvs and can be considered works in progress unless otherwise noted.  Notes
Most tracks were played with the factory settings on a Kurzweil PC-2x keyboard controller; some were played on a Juno Roland-106.  Pennywhistle and other non-electronic instruments/works added in due time.

Audio was routed through a household stereo to the computer, so audio quality is very poor for now, as am I (which is why I can't afford a better audio setup/training).  Some tracks may have relatively long silences at the beginning and sometimes between sections (for now); I was recording live, including my water breaks......

Certain themes recur through different works t
hat are apparently separate but came in the separate session, or in successive sessions. Some section links/pages not working/up yet.

I make no claims for my music; I simply enjoy making it, and am able to share it with anyone who might enjoy it.  I am not a master and play by instinct rather than by knowledge; I am a rustic rather than a virtuoso - as my love of folky songs and dances and fanfares and ballads for choirs of horns may serve to show.  If anything this is "pops classical", except that it's like jazz in that it's improvised...sort of.  Please let me know which ones you like, if any.  Some "work" better than others but these are all from the same period over the fall-winter of '02-'03 so belong together, rough spots and all. This isn't meant to be overkill or to be self-aggrandizing; it's more like a musical diary than an effort to compose for posterity or "show off" what I've done to prove something; but I do hope someone out there likes what I do.

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