The high expectations of finding gold and becoming rich was a condition that accelerated into what is known as “gold fever,” for many ambitious men and some women. This type of thinking set the scene for greed, skullduggery and even murder for a chance at untold wealth. The mystery behind […]


The era of the famous Gold Rush brought hope for thousands of prospectors, hoping to strike it rich wherever reports of gold had been reported. Along with the promise of finding riches, many experienced hardships, bad luck and ended up with little or no rewards for their efforts. From these […]


The Gold Rush era brought countless thousands of immigrants and wealth seekers into the areas that were showing color and the hope of striking it rich. Once word of a successful strike began, the news spread rapidly and prospectors started funneling through the canyon trails to stake their claims. There […]


Many people would only be able to vaguely define a canyon, and they would have a difficult time separating canyons from other important geographical features. However, these are fascinating areas that are ripe for exploration. The time of the American Gold Rush is often equally mysterious to a lot of […]