OMG Lori I can never face my family again! We were all at the hotel for my parents’ anniversary party. Even the pastor and his wife were there. My uncle decided that it would be a nice idea to run the slideshow as a backdrop to my parent’s first dance. So, the music started, my dad takes my mom in his arms, and they begin slow dancing. The pictures are projecting onto the huge screen behind them. All of a sudden the pictures go from my parents’ wedding photos to some rather “personal” ones from their, um, “private” collection of family porn! WRONG DVD!

A woman got stranded on the road because a tree fell and blocked the road. She called the police to report the matter because there were no emergency vehicles nearby. A police officer told her that they would come and shoot the tree. He also added that she should seat tight and all will be fine, after all he’s been known for being fake cop!

Nothing is impossible for abuser of 18. This guy knows how to please and rough a girl up!

I could tell you dont break me on huge cock, but you wouldn’t have listened anyway, right?

Wow, rough passion tube is already being done and all you need to wait are clips. Stay tuned!

Take a look at this one – step siblings caught tube. Getting to close with each other, huh?

You need to revenge the girlfriend if you know she’s been cheating on you, all right?


The high expectations of finding gold and becoming rich was a condition that accelerated into what is known as “gold fever,” for many ambitious men and some women. This type of thinking set the scene for greed, skullduggery and even murder for a chance at untold wealth. The mystery behind […]


The era of the famous Gold Rush brought hope for thousands of prospectors, hoping to strike it rich wherever reports of gold had been reported. Along with the promise of finding riches, many experienced hardships, bad luck and ended up with little or no rewards for their efforts. From these […]


The Gold Rush era brought countless thousands of immigrants and wealth seekers into the areas that were showing color and the hope of striking it rich. Once word of a successful strike began, the news spread rapidly and prospectors started funneling through the canyon trails to stake their claims. There […]


Many people would only be able to vaguely define a canyon, and they would have a difficult time separating canyons from other important geographical features. However, these are fascinating areas that are ripe for exploration. The time of the American Gold Rush is often equally mysterious to a lot of […]